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Causeway Tour for Schools

As the only world heritage site in Northern Ireland, the Giant’s Causeway has as much educational value as it does touristic. Get in contact with us to arrange your Giant’s Causeway tour for your schools trip, where our expert guides will teach your students all there is to know about the area and the ancient volcanic eruption that results in the stones that we see today.


Touring the Causeway

We are happy to welcome students from primary schools, secondary schools and colleges, offering a tailored experience that will live long in the memory. Students will have the opportunity to explore the Giant’s Causeway for the entire time we stay at the site, along with the chance to take photos at Dunluce Castle.

Setting off from Belfast at 8:00 am in a luxury people carrier, students and teachers will be as comfortable as possible for the journey to and from the Giant’s Causeway. Our drivers are all expert guides of the site, allowing for students to ask as many questions as they wish on the tour.

Myths and Legends of the Giant’s Causeway

Where does the name come from? As the legend goes, a giant by the name of Fionn Mac Cumhaill (Finn MacCool) was challenged to a fight by the Scottish giant Benandonner and thus built the Causeway in order for the two to meet. Varying versions of the story say that Fionn lost the fight, while others say that he won.

One notable version of the myth makes the wife of Fionn, Oonagh, the hero of the story. It is said that once Fionn saw the sheer size of Benandonner he ran back, where his wife disguised him as a baby. Bendandonner, fooled by the disguise, ran back to Scotland in fear of how big his dad must have been!

Our guides will tell the tales of the Giant’s Causeway to school students, discussing the merits of each myth and legend, as well as offering the scientific approach as to how the site came about.

The Giant’s Causeway tour for schools is certainly not one to be missed.