Whilst you might enjoy sightseeing and travelling, it can be difficult to remember every beautiful sight that you’ve seen. We are sure you’ll agree that nothing can replicate the natural beauty of a seeing something with your own eyes, however, photographs are the one thing that comes close.

You will want to remember the Antrim Coast tour that you took, but it can be tricky to get the perfect shot. We’ve put together a few tips to ensure that you capture those picture-perfect moments.

Bring the Right Lens

Make sure to bring a close-up lens to really zoom in on those beautiful coastal villages. It will not only give you a better picture, but you might notice things that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to see at first glance.

You will also need a wide angled lens for landscape shots, the more of the scene in the image the better. Don’t crop things out unless it’s necessary.

Have a Backup

Don’t forget to pack a spare battery, just in case the one in the camera dies. A spare memory card is also recommended, allowing to take as many shots as you like without fear of running out of space. If there isn’t enough room on the memory card in the camera, you run the risk of missing out on taking some awe-inspiring pictures.

Should the worst happen you always have your phone. Make sure it’s charged and ready to act as your back up should you need it. An external charger doesn’t have to cost the earth and provides an additional charge in times of need.

Picture the Landscape

The best images are often the ones that you’ve planned. Some people snap away and only end up having one good image out of 50. Prepare yourself for this picture by using a tripod. It will ensure that there’s no shake or blur to the image. Capturing the entire landscape in the image can sometimes be impossible, the important thing is to ensure that the image is well focused and clear.

Get Close-Up

If you’d rather focus on one particular piece of the beautiful scenery, it’s best to pick something that can be framed naturally by its surrounding. A house from a coastal village, for example, will look beautiful with the sky and the sea behind it. It just wouldn’t have the same effect if someone was to walk out in front of the shot, however, so time your images perfectly.

Book the Antrim Coast Tour Today

If you’re an aspiring photographer or simply love the natural views of Northern Ireland, the Antrim Coast tour will give you the opportunity to capture some beautiful photographs. For more information, please contact the team by sending us a message today.