The final attraction of our Express Causeway Tour is quickly becoming the must see sight in Northern Ireland. The Dark Hedges will finish the day in style as you walk the mystical tunnel of beech trees, taking in one of the most unique sights of your entire day. You simply cannot fail to be amazed by this magnificent and eerie formation of trees.

A favourite local ghost story features the grey lady, a spectre that glides along the Bregagh Road, sashaying between the gnarled trees. She vanishes from sight when she passes the last tree. Whilst some local people believe she is the ghost of a maid from the nearby house who died in mysterious circumstances centuries ago, or perhaps the daughter of James Stuart, referred to in some genealogy lists as ‘Cross Peggy’, others believe that she is a lost spirit from an old, deserted graveyard that is thought to lie hidden in the fields nearby. On Halloween night, the forgotten graves are said to open and the Grey Lady is joined on her walk by the tormented souls of those who were buried beside her.

More recently The Dark Hedges avenue has been featured as the Kings Road in the famous HBO series, Game of Thrones®. A railway once passed under the bridge on the Bregagh Road; going from Ballymoney to Ballycastle; via Dervock, Stranocum, Gracehill and Capecastle. The Ballycastle Railway opened in 1880. It was a narrow gauge railway which operated passenger and freight services for almost 70 years until it was closed by the Ulster Transport Authority in 1950.

In 2004 the Department of the Environment (NI) Planning Service placed a Tree Preservation Order on The Dark Hedges. The Order is intended to ensure the preservation of the trees while allowing work to be undertaken to safeguard road users.

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